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Yield to Maturity (YTM) Up To 5%


Still looking at Fixed Deposits (FDs), Singapore Savings Bonds (SSBs), Treasury Bills (T-Bills) or CPF/SRS Top-Ups as an investment to complement or supplement your EDUCATION FUNDING OR RETIREMENT FUNDING program or to achieve your savings goal in the near or distant future?

Why not consider investing in TRADED ENDOWMENT POLICIES (TEPs) instead which can give you higher returns of up to 5%p.a. with WIDE VARIETY of policies of different tenures to choose from?

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Looking At Growing Your Investments?

Add insurance policies as the new asset class into your investment portfolio. It’s safe, secure and returns are guaranteed.

What Our Investment Clients Say

To me, these traded endowment policies (TEPs) give me the advantage of staying invested safely in this volatile market environment.

I have been buying these premium investment instruments, which are backed by SDIC, from Purvis Capital because they offer a wide variety of policies from choice insurers with choice terms that meet my required investment tenure as well as my desired higher returns over time to answer my savings and diversification needs.

Felt very comfortable dealing with Purvis Capital! The paperwork for the assignment was done up nicely and the transfer of ownership was seamless and well facilitated by the officer in charge.
For any potential investors keen on TEPs, I would recommend checking out the Policies-for-Sales section on Purvis Capital website.

Ms Chan - Executive
I am a first-time buyer of TEPs and TLPs.

I must say that TEP/TLP is a popular investment option for me because of the flexibility to match my investment objectives of desired investment ROI, horizon and quantum.

Being savvy enough to diversify my portfolio, it serves as a good alternative, low risk with decent returns investment that does not correlate to stocks, properties or any other major asset classes.

I am greatly satisfied with Purvis Capital staff fast response and good service attitude.

Paperwork was in good order shortening processing time for the absolute assignment completion.

Kudos to Purvis Capital!

Gerald Chin – Teaching Assistant

About Purvis Capital

Mr Lim Wah Tong is the founding shareholder of Purvis Capital, a growing organisation which specialises in Traded Endowment/Life Policies (TEP/TLP). Mr Lim was primarily responsible for the retail sales business of Phillip Securities.