Partnership Invitation

Intermediaries play a pivotal and valuable role in promoting sale of the Traded Life & Endowment Policies. It is therefore vital that partners engaged with us has the highest standards of knowledge attitude and ethics. Their well being, quality orientation and ways of doing business will have a significant impact on how the Traded Life & Endowment Policies Industry develops in the future.

Purvis Capital curated Traded Life & Endowment Policies are quality investment products suitable for the conservative investors.

If you have the means and opportunity to approach a pool of conservative investors, Purvis would like to work with you.
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    Yield To Maturity

    YTM is up to 5% p.a. when you invest in Purvis Traded Endowment & Life Policies of 15 year tenure, compared, to a new policy with an average of less than 3% p.a.